Complete Healing of Addiction

Drug Rehab

Holistic drug rehab facilities are different from most drug rehab facilities. They take a comprehensive approach to treatment and focus on the mind, spirit and body while treating addictions. They are well known for the full body approach they take to their war on addiction and the causes of addiction. The core purpose of holistic rehab is to locate the barriers of the person to determine what is preventing them from successfully recovering from their addiction. Once the factors that stand in their way are identified, it is possible to provide a safe, supportive environment that provides what they need as an individual.

Holistic rehab patients are given constant care that includes individual and group therapy. Each therapy session is lead by professionals who are qualified to provide therapy and treatment. Specialists are available to assess patients on a regular basis to ensure top notch treatment.

Unlike most treatment facilities, holistic drug rehabilitation facilities match the overall needs of their patients with the services from therapists that match their needs. Specialties and types of treatment that are provided by therapists include behavioral therapy, a very important aspect of recovering from addiction. They also provide educational services, enhance motivation, and provide neurolinguistic programs and various types of transformational therapies.

The staff of holistic drug rehab facilities includes a team of doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, nurses and supervisors. Each patient receives an initial evaluation. This is because the first step to drug rehab is always detoxification. Detoxification is the process that removes toxins from the body. After detox, motivational sessions are provided to help rebuild shaken or broken self-confidence.

Patients at holistic drug rehab are also encouraged to maintain physical fitness. Many treatment programs incorporate sports. Meditation and yoga techniques help to restore the patient’s mental balance. A high level of importance is placed on the nutritional needs of the patient. A good diet is essential for rebuilding the mind and body. Expert chefs prepare a low-fat diet that is rich in protein to sustain the physical rebuilding process.

Holistic rehabilitation provides individual counseling as well as family counseling. This is because family plays a major part in the recovery of a patient and anyone going through a difficult time, like rehab, needs strong support from those around them.

Holistic drug rehab can provide professional intervention services as well, for those who are not quite ready to enter a drug rehabilitation program. During the intervention, the counselors will schedule sessions with the family of the person with an addiction. They use strategic techniques in an effort to convince the addict to join a facility. It is well known that compelling someone who has an addiction to join a rehab facility results in relapse. This is why it is very important that the person who has the addiction becomes convinced by the treatment process.

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