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Privacy is an important feature that we offer to visitors to our site. Therefore, safeguarding your information is first and foremost in our minds.

Log File Data

Like other websites, we aggregate and utilize data that is held in log files. The data in the files includes the IP or Internet Protocol address, the ISP (Internet Service Provider), the affiliated browser (i.e., Firefox or Internet Explorer), the time of the site visit, and the page views for the site.


Our site does utilize cookies in order to store information. As a third-party vendor, Google Inc. utilizes the DART cookie on this site. DART is the acronym for Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting, and is a DoubleClick-developed online ad-serving technology. Cookies, themselves, are small text files that correspond with the Internet domains that are stored in the computer’s system by the browser.

Cookies that are retained after a browsing session are known as “persistent” cookies while “session” cookies are eliminated as soon as a browsing session is closed. Information details inside a cookie represent the info the website wants to keep without having to prompt the computer user to provide the information themselves.

DART cookies are persistent and are used to store browsing activity in order to aid Google to display targeted ads. Users to our site who wish to opt out of the use of the DART cookie may do so by reviewing the Google ad and content network privacy policy to make the needed adjustments.

Because advertisers use cookies and web beacons to advertise on our site, information concerning a visitor’s ISP and IP address are used for purposes of geo-targeting. Again, the cookies can be turned off or disabled. However, if you do choose this option, you may compromise how you are able to communicate with this site as well as other sites on the web.

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Addiction Recovery